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Based on  20 years of the highly successful Summer Music Program, several faculty members have recognized the need for a special ongoing educational opportunity for young instrumentalists.


The new Geneva Youth Ensemble invites all students between the ages of 10 and 18 who play a string, woodwind, brass or percussion instrument to join the Ensemble. The goal is to provide an opportunity for young instrumentalists from the Lac Leman region to play together, learn ensemble skills, teamwork, how to follow a conductor and how to listen while they play.


Come play with us every week at the Geneva Youth Ensemble rehearsals! 

Registration now open for Fall 2016.

All students who meet the minimum instrumental standard are welcome regardless of language or school.


Students must be able to play independently, read music (either the a,b,c or the do, re, mi system) and play to a minimum level (to be determined by the director). Generally a student should have had at least 3 - 4 years of study on their instrument(s).For auditions, please submit a registration form. 


When this is received you will be notified of an audition time. If you don't receive a reply within about four days, please email:


All students are expected to respect their peers, other instruments, and rehearsal times. There will be dress rehearsals (repetition general) before performances with schedules to be announced. A student may be dismissed from the ensemble for disruptive behavior, damaging instruments or equipment or other behavior that damages the reputation of the group as a whole.

There will be at least two public performances per year.

Students will be working with and learning from professional and experienced musicians who will be sitting in with students and sometimes playing during rehearsals.

Rehearsals will take place in Tannay on Thursdays from 17h00 to 18h00.


Instruments include:











violin, viola, 'cello, double bass, harp,

flutes, recorders, clarinets, oboes, bassoons, saxophones,

trumpet, trombone, french horn, baritone, tuba,

mallets, snare drum, bass drum, cymbals, assorted small percussion -- sorry, we don't have a drum kit available.

Players have the opportunity to compete for leadership positions within the group as section leaders. 

GYE Christmas Concert 2012 (88).jpg
GYE Christmas Concert 2012 (109).jpg
Ahmed conducts
GYE Christmas Concert 2012 (58).jpg
GYE Christmas Concert 2012 (101).jpg
GYE Christmas Concert 2012 (104).jpg
GYE Christmas Concert 2012 (118).jpg
GYE Christmas Concert 2012 (119).jpg
GYE Christmas Concert 2012 (26).jpg
GYE Christmas Concert 2012 (124).jpg
GYE Christmas Concert 2012 (74).jpg
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