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Julie offers piano lessons in her private studio at home which is located between Nyon and Founex to a limited number of students.


As a qualified concert pianist and teacher with a Master of Music from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Julie has over 40 years of teaching experience, 28 of which are in an international environment. She has worked with students from all over the world, welcoming students into her class at all ages and levels from young children to adults, beginners to advanced. Her approach is both traditional and open, believing that a good solid foundation leads to independent musicians who will be able to continue learning, playing and loving music throughout their lives. Her students learn to read music and apply that to their playing from the first lesson, thereby developing good sight reading skills. Theory is included in the lesson in an easy, practical way which leads to a good basis for later learning. Students play all different styles of music throughout their studies.


Julie ensures that her students have performing opportunities each year in recitals and other performances and, if requested, will prepare students for their exams, whether they are ABRSM, IGCSE, IB or maturité, but exams remain an option for the more serious students, while many others choose to learn and play for their own their own pleasure and enjoyment. Julie has a 100% pass rate for her students in their exams and many have received merits and distinctions.


Julie is also available for theory lessons, vocal and chamber music coaching, accompanying, IGCSE and IB support and competition preparation. 


Please contact Julie at Julie@Julie-music.com for fees and availability!