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Can you recommend a good piano tuner or a place to buy/rent a piano?

My personal piano technician is Edward Wooten at Cerutti Pianos in Geneva which will become part of Hug Musique in 2015. If you are going to purchase, rent or rent to buy a piano Cerutti pianos is where to start -- they will even have a new Steinway showroom in 2015. But they have the best arrangements for renting to buy, and offer a large range of new and used pianos of all marks and brands. (022) 736-9569, corner of the quai at 7, Blvd de la Scie, Geneva.


Boullard Musique in Morges also offers rentals, sales and tuning services.


And, of course, Hug Musique in Lausanne offers a full range of services in the Lausanne area and throughout Switzerland. Rue du Grand-Pont 4, 1003 Lausanne

Do you know a good luthier*?

*Violin and other strings instruments rental, purchase, repair and maintenance.  


Kaspar Maurer,  Rue Dizerens 7, 1205 Genève. tel. (022) 321-7295.


Mr. Maurer has worked closely with the SMP, our staff and students and has generously supported the Kosovo Musical Project. He is also an outstanding luthier, having restored instruments from modern student violins to glorious and valuable antique violins. Stepping into his shop is like stepping into another time. Do watch the hours as he closes for lunch.

I don't live near GEMS. Can you recommend a piano/other music teacher in my area?

Yes, of course. Please contact me  at for my recommendations! 

I'd like to join the GEMS Youth Ensemble but I do not attend GEMS. Can I still join?

Yes, our youth ensemble is open to all students, regardless of which school they attend. 

Can you recommend other teachers in the area?

These are the teachers I recommend:


Laura Cantagalli, piano, voice, theory teaches at GEMS-Etoy Music Academy, GES, SMP and Bienne

HunJu Sohnn, piano, GEMS-Etoy Music Academy, Conservatoire Populaire de Geneve, Genthod/Commugny

Janet Bouwmeester, piano, Prangins/Nyon

Patricia Ugnivenko, piano, Geneva

Ahmed Hamdy, violin, viola, piano  GEMS-Etoy World Academy, Institut de Florimont, GES, SMP, Geneva/Nyon region

Hilde Skomedal, cello, MusicAgora Music School, Lausanne

Madeleine Murray-Robertson, violin, viola, Lausanne

Jacques van de Walle, French Horn, trumpet, brass GEMS-Etoy Music Academy, SMP Geneva/Commugny/Nyon/LaCote region

Emilie Duss, clarinet, GEMS-Etoy Music Academy, CDL, Prangins

Kirby Bivans, drums, guitar, studio recording and engineering, GEMS-Etoy World Academy, GES, Ecolint, SMP, DIvonne-les-Bains

John Lane, guitar (acoustic, classical, folk, rock and bass) GEMS-Etoy Music Academy, Ecole Nouvelle, Ecolint, Lausanne

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