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"". . .well memorized, technically correct, effective in the "presto" and a very special vision in the part of the silences and spaces was repeatedly manifested in the Chopin "Scherzo" of which Julie Tompkins gave a personal and telling rendition. Equally the same occurred in the Beethoven Sonata. . ."
Biel Domingo
Ultima Hora, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
" . . . she played a warm and unusually poetic program. The op. 99 of Schumann set the stage for her instrospective yet often impulsive interpretations, full of spirit and sudden insights . . .
. . .the Mozart "Easy" C major Sonata - deceptively hard to put across - was well though out, balanced and affecting.
Mendelssohn and Schubert brought Tompkins back to her instrospective mood, an attitude both warmed and enlightened by her attention to subtle dynamics and voicings.
. . .Brahms' Four Ballades , op. 10 [were] austere at first, the youthfully idealistic and ardent . . ."
Charles Shere
Oakland Tribune, USA
"The audience welcomed, with a salvo of applause, the superb performance of Julie Tompkins, piano and Michel Bellavance, flute. 
These two young professors of the Kayaleh Music School proved without difficulty that their talents are on par with the importance of their titles.
 . . .this duo gave their full measure in the "Sonata for Flute and Piano" by R. Muczynski . . .the fourth and last movement extremely virtuostic and lofty brought about an ovation.
 . . .in the "Sechs Kleine Klavierstücke" by Schönberg and "Three Fragments for Piano" by Robert Strizich . . .Julie Tompkins brought sensitivity and depth to these dry, unforgiving, futuristic scores.
Le Quotidien de La Cote
Ouest Lemanique, Switzerland
Julie Tompkins is a talented young pianist with a rare attribute: a genuine appreciation of, and enthusiasm for, the music of our own time.
I have been most pleased - indeed impressed - with her performance of my Three Fragments for Piano, which she plays with wonderful clarity, expression and understanding.
Robert Strizich

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In 2011, Julie released her first children's book, Train Whistle Teddy. She harnessed her experiences as an educator and parent to create a refreshingly relatable book which delights children and parents alike with this charming story about a boy and his best friend and their love of trains. 


Julie has given live readings of her book throughout the La Côte and Geneva areas and has been invited to speak at several international schools in the area as an author. 



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