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A new blog reflects new experiences

This year I took on a new role in education. In addition to working with children, teenagers and young adults, I have entered into the world of parents. Obviously, I have always worked closely with parents as I offered advice and guidance on so many things pertaining to music and education. But in publishing articles on the subject, I hope to reach a wider audience and help parents make the best choices for their children.

Parents are responsible for making so many decisions about their child's education. Which music teacher, which school, which instrument and where to find it, packed lunch or hot lunch and other seemingly small but signifigant decisions that play a part in the parent's busy day. Since not all parents are musicians themselves, but have the vision to offer their children the chance to study music, they are often looking for assistance. In writing these articles I hope to offer some guidance and help all parents benefit from my many years of experience in the field of music education.

In January, I submitted an article to Léman Events Education Platform concerning the importance of music in education (which you may read here). Following the success of this article, I had a second article published on the Know-It-All Parents website about which age students should begin to start individual music lessons and was invited to become a regular contributor to their site. Based on this, I will be writing more articles. Check back soon for more articles!



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